July 28, 2016

Gen Con is one of the greatest conventions in the Multiverse.  Like any mind-blowing event (i.e., your first ride on a cotton candy unicorn, Rascal jousting at Walmart, or winning over your future father-in-law with interpretive dance) a little preparation will greatly...

July 13, 2016

Sketch n' Skotch Skwednesday: The Dark Faerie. Enjoy! 

July 1, 2016

Because It’s shark week!  

Also, today is my Magic the Gathering anniversary!  Nine years ago today, my first piece for Magic was published.  (Ponder - Player Rewards textless promo.)  It's been an amazing and transformative experience to work among such incredible crea...

May 25, 2016


For everyone interested in the story, read on.


I think most of you are familiar by now with the fanservice art that I do at events.  Card alterations, playmat sketches, that sort of thing.  A lot of jovial jackassery.  Well this started out as one of those....

March 29, 2016

Chris Rush, you will be missed. 

Rest well, my friend.  We love you, and the time we had with you.  

Like that time we were the Four Horsemen of the Artpocalypse.  Also the Captains of Troublemaker Island.  Also also the Brigands of Cardvandal Cove.  We weren’t grea...

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