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  • Steve Argyle

Guide to Gen Con 2016!

Gen Con is one of the greatest conventions in the Multiverse. Like any mind-blowing event (i.e., your first ride on a cotton candy unicorn, Rascal jousting at Walmart, or winning over your future father-in-law with interpretive dance) a little preparation will greatly improve your experience.

Your future self will be so very very happy--I'm talking rolling-around-on-the-ground, farting rainbows HAPPY!

First, make a prioritized list of your "must do" items. Like:

1. Bring your favorite artist (Steve Argyle) a Mt. Dew. (For extra XP, make it a Diet Mt. Dew.)

2. Get my Magic cards, L5R cards, D&D books, etc signed by Steve Argyle

3. Gain mighty heaps of XP by heroically unsheathing your coinpurse, and buying awesome stuff from Steve Argyle.

4. Level up by getting a card altered by Steve Argyle.

5. Level bonuses by getting a sketch from Steve Argyle.

6. Unlock achievement: "Collect all of Steve's daily "Binder Candy."

6. We already did number 6. Here, have some free XP.

7. Be responsible: Ignore your bank account.

8. Leave Steve Argyle's booth blissfully happy, with the knowledge that you've already conquered the highlight of the convention.

9. Blog about how great 1-8 were. (More XP for you!)

10. There is no spoon.

Then, to ensure no time is wasted, find the most optimized routes on the map (rocket boots a plus):

To streamline your experience getting your signatures and artwork, refer to my Convention Commandments:!convention-commandments/j5njm

!!SPOILER ALERT!! Your future self will thank you.


Magic the Gathering playmats finally available!

And, a late arrival hot off the presses and available for the first time ever, Glistener Elf mats will be arriving sometime during the show!

All this in addition to many, many other playmat designs, including playmats of a brand new piece to be unveiled at the show! So come see us at booth 469, seriously! Pamper your eyes, bathe them in a jetted tub of colors!


Getting signatures?

We'll have a Gen Con exclusive stamp to go along with it, and a leveling up collector token. Both free! Both awesome. Both things you NEED to be happy.

Also, "shadowed signatures" are available upon request. (but they cost a buck extra.)


Free swag!

We'll have new and different Binder Candy for each day, so be sure to visit us repeatedly and with great fervor!



There is a ton of stuff to come see at boot 469!


Want custom artwork?


(We're not allowed to have lines form around our booth. So you don't need to stand around and wait, and we won't let you anyway. Sign-ups start fresh each morning.)


!!DO NOT RELY UPON MY PSYCHIC ABILITIES!! If you want a card alteration, bring reference material! The whole process is sped up thuslysuch. (I just made up that word, and I'm trademarking it. MINE!) and, once again, your future self will rejoice!

I'll probably ask you a series of questions about your request as well, so be thinking on them while you're brainstorming. Stuff like:

Single $30, or double $60? (Also known as Platinum or Diamondillium. Because silver and gold is soooooo pedestrian).

Platinum (Single) alterations are basically one major change or addition. Main character transformed into someone/something else, or adding something, or changing the background. Diamondillium (Double) alterations are the same as above, but swap out "or" to "and."

Single (Platinum)


I'll ask you if you have a theme in mind. Game