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Reject-o-Con Ordering Info

Join me from June 28th to the 30th, for an event(ish) to make up for the lack of Magic Cons I'll be going to this year. I'll be livestreaming art, answering questions, rambling and overcaffeinating myself just like I do in person.

And that art can be yours! Ordering will be available at starting June 6th. Artist proof paintings, oil painted card alters, and shaded pencil or detailed ink AP drawings will be available. But it will be a very limited amount - these take a while to do. The ordering page will close on June 11th, or if they sell out before that. If there are still spots open, I'll take orders for paintmarker alters and basic pencil sketches.

A lot of them I'll do before the event. I'll record the process so you can watch your idea come to life.

Speaking of ideas: you can request what you'd like, but content should be relatively simple, like the images above. I reserve the right to roll my eyes and cancel any orders asking for the entire cast of the Avengers playing poker with all your favorite anime characters. These are like 2x3 inches. There's just not a lot of room. Also nothing violent, NSFW, or controversial stuff. I am going to be streaming/posting these. Oh, and lastly, I don't alter other artist's work. If you're not picky, and want to leave it up to me, that's super okay. Though you may want to reign me in a bit with stuff like genre or mood. Straight unrestricted artist's choice tend do be cute, rediculous, or both. You'll need to send me your cards (You're welcome to send a non-insane amount to get signed along with it.) Or buy artist proofs from my site. Or if you don't care what the art is on, I have sketch cards that are free. I know most of the example images are MtG, but I'm up for anything that I've worked on. Flesh and Blood, Legend of the Five Rings, etc.

If you're reading this after the orders have closed, do not despair! I've been creating some over the past few weeks that I will be auctioning off at Reject-o-Con.

I'll also be auctioning off stuff that has gone out of rotation, like playmats and prints that were plenty popular enough to get made, but at some point were replaced by newer ones. And a handful of unique and novel items will be up for auction too.

Hope to see you at Reject-o-con!

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