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Sketch N' Skotch

Sketch n' Skotch is a very, very casual live-stream (I'm often in pajamas) where we all  do some sketching and talk about art and stuff.  Usually revealing in starkly-clear relief how little I actually know about what I am doing.  But I enthusiastically, and somewhat clumsily, share what I have picked up over a career of faking it.  It's fun, art is good for you, so we encourage you to take an hour out of your week to join us for a little artsy mayhem.  See you on the stream! 

The Sketch N' Skotch Archive

May 15, 2018

Adding narrative to your compositions and merfolk review

May 08, 2018

Creative merfolk and color review

May 01, 2018

Looking at solving problems with color and fabric review

April 24, 2018

Building up fabric and horns review

April 17, 2018

Methods to make interesting, symmetrical horns and gesture sketch review

April 10, 2018

Gesture, posing, and landscape review

March 27, 2018

Landscapes and Biological Robots

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