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Savage Onslaught

Liliana of the Veil, for Magic the Gathering.  Artwork by Steve Argyle

Namman Cha wanted to be a dancer. But the other girls laughed at his face stripes and perpetually reddened eyes.    It was a downward spiral. He turned to drugs, which made his eyes redder, which made him even more of a target to those cruel, cruel little girls. Now he has a fun lightsaber! It makes him smile every time he activates it. Because it reminds him of when he was a little boy, and the sound of bratty, haughty, vain and mean little girls begging for their lives...Once, he was picked on...Nowadays, he’s just kind of a dick. 

For Star Wars Galaxies. Copyright Lucas Arts and Sony Online Entertainment. Art directed by Roger Chamberlain and Derek Herring. 



Visene offered to sponsor him if he appeared in their new commercials for Clear Eyes, even banishing the red of pure hatred. Namman made a deal with Ray-Bans instead. 

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