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I love rendering challenges.  Especially weird light-bendy stuff.

Refractions are delicious rare treats for my stare-balls.  Eyes.  Whatever.  I'll call things what I want.  Don't you judge me.  I'm an ARTIST.

When Wizard's of the Coast asked me to create a sphinx forming from a waterfall, I squealed like an extra-greedy pig dropped on a mountain of bourbon-soaked Twinkies.  Then I panicked, because HOW?

Something about the uncertainty and impending "Sink, Swim, or be consumed by the unspeakable tentacled horror at the bottom of the lake" is like the thrill I've heard others describe they get from stupid-dangerous thrill seeking.  You know, like Base-jumping, Russian roulette, making eye-contact with a clown.  (Did I mention the clown has no pants on?)  

I'm sure there's a fancy-sounding psych-lingo term for a person who masochistically delights in making their workday super-extra WTF complicated.  I imagine it ends in "opath."  I also imagine I'd be the person with an olde-timey crosshatch portrait in psychology books under the heading "The untreatable case of Steve Argyle, Class 7 (whatever)opath." <-- This will probably also be the name of my art book.

For Magic the Gathering
Art Directed by Cynthia Sheppard

No basements were harmed in the making of this painting.  ...Okay, there was that one basement that drown.  (Sorry Kat!  Who knew it was so hard to sculpt water into a sphinx shape?)

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