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My fans deserve the best. My fans deserve to all have their own cybernetic pegasus that can travel through time and poop gold coins. That is slightly out of my abilities to provide, at least until I resolve my contract dispute against an amateur Crossroads Devil to get my soul out of escrow. (If I do say so myself, my addendums in crayon were sinister genius.) But getting you the best looking prints is something I can do, either with a soul, or as a hollow husk who haunts the energy drink isles at night. 

Normally my prints are on Silver Halide Fujifilm paper, and they're glorious. But we thought that something a little more authentic-looking and woodcutty would fit these pieces better. I asked my printer, the ever-awesome El-Co Color Labs ( their opinion, and soon six glorious samples of their best papers arrived at my studio-lair built underneath an active Mountain Dew Volcano. One stood out as simply perfect, and gorgeous. And as it turns out of course, the most expensive.


Hahnemuhle Torchon 285. It sounds like a fighter jet that turns into a robot with a laser sword piloted by a plucky teenager with an attitude problem but a noble soul. Also, he's probably a secret werewolf or something. You'd think I'd be disappointed that it's just paper. But it's paper that's better than a transforming robot. (You wouldn't believe how hard it is to cram jam a robot through a printer. And the pilot is no help at all, squirming the whole way through and seriously messing up the print heads.)


This epic paper is what you'll get my artwork on when you order these prints. It makes them more expensive than my other offerings, but in my never humble opinion, it's totally worth it.


Enjoy, and sign up for my website mailing list if you want to be notified when cybernetic pegasi become available.




Steve "I was insane before Covid" Argyle


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A Man's Worth 12x18" Print

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