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Inverse Dun Moch

Liliana of the Veil, for Magic the Gathering.  Artwork by Steve Argyle

Rachi Sitra attempting the Inverse Dun Moch on Namann Cha. The Inverse Dun Moch may sound like a lost entry in the Barbarian Kama Sutra, highly recommended reading, BTW, but it’s actually a fancy term for be nice to a dick. Wait, that still sounds like...let me expound. Remember when Vader befuddled Luke mid-lightsaber frenzy by talking crap about his inept blundering, and not being worthy to wear the Jedi panties and all that? That’s the Dun Moch. Talking trash. It’s just like what we all do when we’re playing video games with each other. Distraction and undermining of the verbose variety. The Inverse Dun Moch is to heap sticky praise and warm cuddle fuzzy phrases on your opponent instead. Like Luke did when he convinced Vader that there was still good in him. Get them to trust you, then WHAM! Yank their mask off and watch them choke on the bitter air of your sneaky psychological victory! 

For Star Wars Galaxies. Copyright Lucas Arts and Sony Online Entertainment. Art directed by Roger Chamberlain and Derek Herring.

Boots by “Hope Stompers”, a division of Globocannibal International, non-profit human recyclers. This is why we can’t have nice things!

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