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Darth Krayt and Wyyrlok

Liliana of the Veil, for Magic the Gathering.  Artwork by Steve Argyle

Darth Krayt and Wyyrlock posing for the cover of their EP “None More Blacker Than the Blackened Blackness of my Black Blackeningness”, a neo-post-totenmetal collection of ballads about squirrels and tulips. As Krayt would say, “Nothing is more horrifyingly metal than happy things.”


Wyyrlock, on the other hand, had this to say about their new album, “It ain’t easy for an evil alien with face tattoos, and superfat head-tentacles with tusks on the ends of them, to meet that someone special.  I’m basically in this to meet girls.  Find my evil Mrs. Right.”


For Star Wars Legacy.  Copyright Wizards of the Coast, and Disney.  And probably a bunch more too.




Shot on location at Darth Maul’s private hover-island in the luxurious Eye of Jupiter. The Sith have released a new album, Daddy Issues, featuring the single “Heart of Ice Required (Arms and Legs Optional)."

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