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The volcanic land of Jund is a harsh, volatile, extremely non-camper-friendly place. Birdwatchers and nature photographers are colloquially referred to as “snacks.” Bloodbraid Elf is not native, and I wanted to show that she’s an (extremely hearty) immigrant to the always-on-fire mountains. As you can see from the dragon bite scar in one of the early sketches, some of the early ideas were to show a bit of the… ah… transitional obstacles of relocating to Jund. Instead I opted for a color scheme that would suggest she’s not from around here.  Often, the background plays a supportive role in character art, gently bowing out of having a lot of contrast or saturation.  But Jund does not play nice like that. A black and white photo of Jund will still singe your eyebrows. Instead, I let Jund present itself in all its blazing red-as-the-devils-hangover fury, and Bloodbraid Elf took a softer, more subtle approach. I wanted to show that contrast of fierce, unforgiving environment, with a delicate and refined denizen. Throw in trophies of would-be-elf-eaters and some makeshift weaponry, and you have a narrative for an elf who’d conquered a nigh-insurvivable landscape.

Having read “the Hobbit” one too many times, this restless elf left her tribe in a lush forest paradise in search for great adventure.  Even going so far as to choose Mount Doom as the route of her morning jog. 


Her deeds in this savage land have earned her the name of “Notsnack the Pointysharp” by the indigenous goblin tribes.  Ever the venturous and enterprising elf, Notsnack founded several businesses, including Firewater Lava Rafting and Vodka Tasting Tours, Broodmother Dragon Airlines, and Super Awesome Same Day Package Delivery Service.  Which is simply high-power catapults manned by goblins.  Amazingly, their record is better than UPS…

Attempts to open franchises in other lands have had poor success, as her current business model counts on the rapid breeding and gullibility of goblins.  Not a lot of repeat customers when your services have a 43% mortality rate.

For Magic the Gathering, Friday Night Magic promo card.  Art direction by Jeremy Jarvis.

Wardrobe and fashion consultation by Bleeding Edge Style - “No, seriously.  If you’re not bleeding, it’s not high-fashion.”

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