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Convention PRE-ORDERS

Dragon Con 2019

FOR PICK-UP AT Event ONLY! (See Calendar)

IMPORTANT!  If you want to order custom artwork: READ THIS STUFF FIRST!

This order page is for event pre-orders only!  For a list of events and when pre-orders open, check my Calendar.

Any orders placed will be done before the event, available for pick-up anytime.  I have limited time to do these, and pre-orders fill quickly: I'll let you know if the queue is already full.  

Cards for alterations, or artist proofs for artwork, are not included.  You will need to either ship me your cards, or buy them from me.  (Current online M/NM price.)  Custom playmat orders do include the mat.

You can request whatever you like.  Or not, and leave it up to me.  Requests are very likely to be honored, but aren't guaranteed.  It's easy: just don't request anything lame.  Or obviously impossibly complicated stuff like "I want the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe on my playmat, but also they're steampunk dinosaurs."

You may like to peruse the "alteration wizard" for some of the finer points of a card alteration commission.

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