Control the Force

Rachi Sitra, once again defying the stereotype that Twi'leks are the strippers of the galaxy with her Jedi’in, archeolog’in, and unfolding the mysteries of the force with a holocron’in. For the uninitiated: A holocron is a vessel of great, abundant, and powerful secret knowledge. Like an iPad, or a book written by someone with two middle names. And just like iPads, they can be used for good or evil.  But let’s be realistic here - mostly evil. This particular holocron contains a saucy sort of Jedi Kama Sutra. Once you throw force powers into a bedroom mix, things get awesome weird.



For Star Wars Galaxies. Copyright Sony Online Entertainment.




Special thanks to Rachi for candidly demonstrating some of the maneuvers involving Twi'lek lekku (head tails). I will forever scheme for an excuse to do it all again.