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Custom Card Alterations Info Page and FAQ

Greetings, my Beloved Minions!  Welcome!  Put a fresh marshmallow over you're sizzling laptops and stay for a bit.  


If you have found this page, you may already know of the wonderfully decadent addiction of collecting card alterations.  Indeed, you may already be familiar with my peculiar and irreverent brand of card quasi-vandalism.  Perhaps you're even one of the Olympian endurance athletes who make lap after lap in my line at events, perpetually striving to beat your last time, and dreaming one day of having a collection large enough to cover your entire body like a fine suit of being-incredibly-cool.

For those of you who are new to this strange and delightful cult, welcome, welcome, welcome.  If you're a hardened lineshambler veteran of many a con, welcome, thank you, and you're awesome.  If you're my long lost Brain Slug, I miss you.  Come home.  I wash my hair now.

Here you will find a buzzing repository of the questions most asked about card alterations, and their stingy, sticky, or mildly tart answers.

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