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Alter the Force

Liliana of the Veil, for Magic the Gathering.  Artwork by Steve Argyle

Sith play with their Rubik’s Cubes a little more roughly than most.  Namman Cha gave it an honest five or six seconds before he decided to force-lightning it to char. Fun fact, Jedi Rubik’s Cubes are also called holocrons and contain the vast wisdom of the ancient Jedi.  Like a Magic 8-Ball, but with more pretentious sayings.  This one, when asked the secret to defeating the Jedi, told Namman Cha, “I left it in your mom’s cardboard bed, you pink-toothed diaper gobbler.”


For Star Wars Galaxies.  Copyright Sony Online Entertainment, and a long list leading up to our new gods, Disney.




No holocrons were harmed in the production of this painting. Instead, we painted a puppy to look like a holocron.

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